Episodes featuring Anthony

Here you’ll find all of your main host Anthony’s episodes of The Secular Perspective! Enjoy.

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02/21/14  Welcome!

02/25/14 – Introducing: Anthony, an Atheistic Antitheist

03/05/14  Answering Creationist Questions

03/12/14 – Yes, You CAN Pray in School

03/26/14 – Secular Bible Study: Genesis Part I

04/02/14 Secular Bible Study: Genesis Part II

04/17/14 – ‘God’s Not Dead’, A Response

04/25/14Swallowing A Shot of Faith from Dr. Mitch Stokes

05/01/14Secular Bible Study: Genesis Part III

05/23/14F*ck You, Establishment Clause! Discussing the Town of Greece v. Galloway Decision

06/06/14Genesis Bible Study Answers and Send Me Your Stuff

06/20/14 – Heathen Hodgepodge: Birth Control, Abortion and Sex Ed

07/09/14 – Heathen Hodgepodge 2: Electric Boogaloo

07/31/14 – You’re Not Alone, Secular Meet-ups

08/21/14 – TSP 22: Heathen Hodgepodge 3: Poems, YouTube Atheism, and Ken Ham

09/05/14 – TSP 23: Heathen Hodgepodge 4: Creeping Theocracy and FFRF Hate Mail

09/24/14 – TSP 24: AiG Shakes Down Chad

10/01/14 – TSP 25: At the Movies – The Unbelievers

10/08/14 – TSP 26: At the Movies – Noah

10/29/14 – TSP 29: Paranormal Skeptivity

12/10/14 – TSP 32: Haters of the Lost Ark

01/16/15 – TSP 33: The Global Threat to Secularism

02/04/15 – Bill Nye vs. Ken Ham: A Year Later

02/27/15 – TSP 35: Heathen Hodgepodge 6 – The Ark Encounter Loses and The Guys Check In

04/01/15 – TSP 36: No Gays Allowed!!!

04/22/15 – TSP: 39 Catching Up on Old news

06/10/15 – TSP 41: The Duggar Scandal

08/26/15 – TSP 42: Planned Parenthood

09/09/15 – TSP43: Heathen Hodgepodge 7: It’s Just Marriage Now


One thought on “Episodes featuring Anthony”

  1. Hi, I’m writing to suggest Jessica Hagy for the Secular Perspective podcast. Jessica’s new book, The Humanist’s Devotional, comes out Dec 2 (with an official put date of Jan 2020). We can send you a PDF of the book upon request, and can also put you in touch with Jessica. Jessica Hagy is an artist and writer best known for her Webby award–winning blog, Indexed. A fixture in the creative online space, Jessica has been illustrating, consulting, and speaking to international media and events since 2006. She is the author of several books, including The Art of War, Visualized and How to Be Interesting. The Humanist’s Devotional represents her “coming out” as secular.

    Thanks for considering,

    Bill Lehto
    Freethought House

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