TSP 41: The Duggar Scandal

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In this episode our hero’s get together to discuss all of the hoopla around the molestation charges against Joshua Duggar and how the family handled it. They follow up with a minor Heathen Hodgpodge.

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2 thoughts on “TSP 41: The Duggar Scandal”

  1. Listening now. Thanks for discussing this topic. From what I’ve read the police report was released legally after a law firm in Arkansas requested the report via a Freedom of Information Act. Also, some victims (generally speaking) will deny they know of the abuse if the abuse occurs while the victim is in bed. It’s can be easier to pretend it didn’t happen rather than face the abuser. I’d not be surprised if that’s what happened in this situation, especially seeing as how the girls are supposed to be submissive to males in their “religion.” One last thing… I just started listening to the podcast, but I’m already hearing some defending of Josh’s actions based on his age. 14 is old enough, even in the environment Josh grew up in, to know molesting others is bad. I knew abusing others was bad before I even learned about gender differences in boys and girls, and that was without my parents ever having discussed it with me. Anyway, I hope the rest of the podcast isn’t gonna be more defending him. I might scream at my desk. 🙂 fwiw it would have been interested to hear opinions from a female during this podcast. I suspect the opinions between males and females are significantly different overall.

    1. Hey, thanks for listening. I’m hoping we didn’t disappoint you. I really didn’t want to come across as defending him but felt like given the circumstances I could see how it would happen. I would really like to get a female on sometime too. I had someone that used to live nearby that I had hoped would join us but she ended up moving out of state. Hopefully a new opportunity to get someone else will present itself. Thanks again for listening and for the feedback. It is appreciated.

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