TSP205: Back from Hiatus


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We are back after an impromptu month off from recording. This episode is just a mashup of conversation as we try to get back into the groove. The impeachment process is moving forward and we are frankly quite tired of hearing and talking about it. But we are pushing forward.


Deutsche Bank Might Have Destroyed Physical Copies of Trump’s Tax Returns, Cleansed Servers, Claims Former Executive: Report

Trump’s former top Russia adviser testified she raised concerns about Giuliani’s role in Ukraine – CNNPolitics

Former ambassador to Ukraine says she was ousted because of her anti-corruption work – Vox

Ousted Ukraine ambassador Yovanovitch says she was told to tweet praise of Trump to save her job

Trump loses appeal in New York tax case, must hand over returns

All That Booing Revealed the True Face of Donald Trump | Vanity Fair



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