TSP156: You Had One Job Trump!


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We try to wrap our heads around what has just happened at the press conference in Helsinki with Presidents Trump and Putin. We then go through a few other topics before wrapping up with updated numbers and protesters at the Ark Encounter on its two year anniversary.








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2 thoughts on “TSP156: You Had One Job Trump!”

  1. Hi guys. If Mr. T does get impeached for treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors, then Pence will not become president as the Constitution prevents that in Article II, Section 4 (https://constitutionallawreporter.com/article-02-04/) wherein the convicted ex-president’s vice president and the whole cabinet will be removed from office. Highly unlikely as it needs 2/3 of congress but, if it does, then no Pence. The office will go to the President Pro Temp of the Senate – currently Orrin Hatch.
    Daily, I pray to the god that is not there that this come to pass.

    1. Just to add, the most likely scenario if it really came to that is that the Republicans will either invoke the 25th Amendment (Presidential fitness) or force Mr. T to resign – kicking and screaming I’ll bet you.
      Also – I stand corrected, the next in line after VP is Speaker of the House (Paul Ryan) and then the president Pro Temp (Hatch).

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