TSP 54: Namaste Ya’ll


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Chad and Amanda discuss The word Namaste being banned from a school in Georgia, A billboard targeting the Ark theme Park, Canadian ministers, and a pot producing preacher in Indiana. Of course there is lots of other tangents thrown in there because, hey look who’s talking here.





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Tags: Secularism, Atheism, Agnosticism, Humanism, Anti-theism, Religion, Belief, Faith, God, Christianity, Youtube, Miitomo, Editing, Ken Ham, Ark Encounter, Genocide and Incest park, Namaste, Georgia School, Yoga, Hinduism, United Church of Canada, Marijuana, Breaking Bad, Walter White, Synthetic Marijuana, Baptist Church rituals, Baptism.


2 thoughts on “TSP 54: Namaste Ya’ll”

  1. Hey guys. I’m an arborist and just wanted to let you know that If your neighbor has a dead or non maintained tree that causes property damage for you the neighbor is wholely responsible for damages in most places.

    Also, dead or hazard trees do not require removal permits or replanting.

    1. Hey man, first off, thanks for listening. Luckily there is enough distance between the tree and the house that nothing happened. I have a little alligator saw. I’m half tempted to just go cut it up myself and take down to my property down the road to use for bonfire wood later. It’s just a matter of getting it hauled down there. I appreciate that input though.


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