Bonus Episode: Chad & Amanda Talk Sh!t About… The Pilot Episode

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There is no new episode this week For The Secular Perspective but I wanted to share with you something new we are working on. We hope that you will enjoy it as much as we enjoyed recording it.

Chad and Amanda introduce themselves as they begin a new adventure in podcasting and video blogging about random stories in the news that make them thing of memories from their personal lives.

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Tags: News, Life, Memories, Childhood, Funny, Chad, Amanda, Pilot Episode, Jared Fogle, Subway, Hitler, Penis, Micropenis, IU, College, Party, Skinny dipping, Azureflux, Intro, Pilot Episode, Presidential debate, Trump, penis size, Barry Knoblach, Nicknames, Rest and Relaxation, Getting Drunk, Hangover,


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