TSP 34: Bill Nye v. Ken Ham, A Year Later (Anthony and Chad)

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One fateful February evening in 2013 the scientist and revered personality Bill Nye traveled to Kentucky to debate Ken Ham, the CEO and founder of Answers in Genesis, on the viability of The Creation Theory. That was one year ago. As you’ll learn in this episode, this debate was instrumental in the founding of this podcast. Anthony and Chad have wanted to discuss and breakdown this debate for a long time. This episode is the culmination of tons of research and work about Creation and this debate specifically. Please join us while we break down, critique and discuss the debate between these two titans of their respective worldviews.

*Please Note: There was an equipment malfunction at the 32 minute mark and the audio was distorted as a result. We apologize for this.

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Show Notes

Click here to watch the entire debate on YouTube

This is what The Horizon Problem is

Here’s Tiktaalik; it’s amazing



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